Founding Documents

I recognize and fully support the Founding Documents - the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Second Amendment

The phrase shall not be infringed applies to our rights. Rights are superior in law to privileges.


The borders of this country must be secure.

Public Education & School Choice

Remove Critical Race Theory and other divisive programs and policies from subjects being taught. Provide a federal tax credit for parents to accommodate Home-school students and private school students.

Election Integrity & Voter I.D.

I fully support codifying locally, and federal election integrity reforms. Voting ID and voting reforms must be enacted.

Essential Citizens

All citizens of our great country are essential citizens, we do not have 2 classes of people. The same laws for everyone.

Foreign Affairs

The US is overextended globally. Our policies should not be influenced by the military industrial complex.

Term Limits

Since most legislators only give lip service to Term Limits, and you have to start somewhere. I will introduce a bill to initially limit terms of office to 30 years AND WITH EACH ELECTION CYCLE TO REDUCE THAT LIMIT BY 1 TERM.

Goverment Affairs

We must reduce the size of the federal government.


Vaccines and gene therapy MRNa inoculations are to be voluntary and free from any kind of coercive laws, mandates, recommendations, requirements etc.,

Gene Therapy

The experimental gene therapy mRNA injections of the spike proteins is the real bioweapon.

Judicial Issues

We should not have a two-tiered judicial system.

Law Enforcement

I support all levels of local law enforcement. I oppose a nationwide federal police force of any kind.


Lockdowns were designed and ordered to destroy the economy.

Lockdown Pass

The bearer of this document has been tasked by US Senator Elect Bond to report on confidential assignments.They shall not be detained, restricted or blocked from their tasks. Any person restricting the authorizations of this document will be subject to Federal Prosecution.


Ban Drug advertisements by all organization including Pharmaceutical Companies.

Medical Privacy and Freedom

People are free to choose whatever procedures they want, as well as the right to refuse any treatment, or recommendation without coercion, limitations of employment, access, association, travel, use of institutions public and private etc.,

Military affairs

Remove all coercive requirements to be vaccinated. Allow all service members who left due to vaccine requirements to get back pay immediately, and be eligible to return to service at their same rank at a minimum.


Veterans programs must be increased, fully funded with no preconditions, restrictions, or requirements.

Red Flag Laws

These are constitutionally illegal. Our society has long recognized and abided by Due Process.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Outlaw Pharmaceutical Advertisements and sponsorships, including TV, Radio, Print, including but not limited to news programs. The precedence is that many years ago cigarette advertising was successfully banned by legislation. The US is one of 2 countries that allow this.